D&D4E: Thunder Rift

Morale Compass

The party, after being well rested from their battle with the initial cultists, decided to explore the doors to the East and West before entering any of the ominous double doors to the north. The Great Zalesky disappeared in a puff of smoke. A little confused whether he was supposed to re-appear, the party decided to investigate the west door first. After listening at the door, and hearing clanking and scraping metal, the party formulated a rather barbaric plan. Following the lead of Genryusai Yamamoto, the party began dismembering the cultists’ bodies and retrieving heads.

Literally kicking the door in, Brasa led the party in to find a group of cultists in the middle of a meal. Continuing with their barbaric plan, the party threw the decapitated heads of their fellows at the unsuspecting diners. Thoroughly shocked, the party began the battle with a fury that matched their barbaric plan. The battle raged on and the party learned several of the enemies’ tricks, as Genryusai Yamamoto became dazed for a good portion of the battle. Angus McAngur made the costly mistake of trying to get away from one of the knights who had devoted his attention to Angus. After being knocked prone, Angus was forced to resort to punching the knight with his flaming spiked gauntlet. After 3 of the 4 cultists had been slain, the party uncharacteristically showed some humanity and offered the remaining Knight of the Unblinking Eye a chance to surrender. After declining, the party obliged the knight’s request to fatal combat.

Brasa after building up a hearty thirst broke into one of the casks of ale to celebrate their victory. Searching through the cultists, Balasar Dragonborn was able to find a magical heavy shield as a spoil of their hard-fought battle.

The party quickly rested up and continued their assault on the cultists. Backtracking to the main hall’s East exit, the party listened, and after hearing nothing, repeated their straight-forward plan kicking in the door. A slumbering group of cultists was found and another fight commenced. Now that the party had successfully battled some of the cultists, they were aware of some of the tricks that they could use. The party successfully used this knowledge to their advantage and neutralized the cultist threat.


Nachofan Nachofan

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