D&D4E: Thunder Rift

Crowd Control

The party’s old friend Mayor Cambrine informed the party of a distressing letter from his cousin. She wrote of people that never existed, events that never happened. Cambrine suspected that this was a secret plea for help. The party agreed to go to Carrol to investigate.

Upon arriving in Carrol, the party began asking around immediately to Valerie‘s whereabouts. After making a scene, shouting about flagrantly, and generally informing everyone in town of their arrival, Valerie’s husband, Barnaby approached the party. Barnaby, annoyed with the party for not being more discrete, quickly shuttles them to his home, where they meet Valerie. The Great Zalesky conjured an illusion of an ogre in the town and disperses the crowd of onlookers.

Valerie and Barnaby recounted the tale of masked and robed men stealing their baby in the middle of the night. Without any clues or details as to the perpetrators, the party seemed to be at an impasse. However The Great Zalesky convinced Barnaby to undergo a hypnosis session to try to recount some helpful details. After hypnotizing Barnaby, the party learned of a man that Barnaby does not know but recognized his boots.

The party, with their same graceful discretion, marched right up to the front door of their suspect’s home. Naturally, a crowd began to gather again to see what the party was up to. Angus McAngur dwindled their numbers by playing his bagpipes off-key. Justifying their breaking and entering, The Great Zalesky conjured up the sounds of the ogre rampaging inside the home. Then, completely justified by her actions, Brasa completely destroyed the front door and made entry. Finding a locked chest, the party decides to continue down the brute force path. Brasa diminishes the chest to a pile of wood splinters and some thin metal binding.

As the party sorted through the incriminating evidence, the man appeared in the doorway. The party gave chase and Brasa captured the man in a headlock. Captured, the cultist gives up the location to the temple. The cultist managed to retrieve something from his pocket, uttered a warning as he placed the object to his lips, and disintigrated before their eyes: " The Eye has cast its gaze upon you. You will not last long."

The party, armed with the location of the temple, began its assault. A great entry hall opened before them, defended by the cultists. The first wave of cultists, after firing blinding and debilitating rays from wands, fell to the hands of the heroes…


Nachofan Nachofan

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